Daniel Shervheim

Spherical Snake

A project for Dr. Stephen Guy’s class Game Engine Technologies.

Our directive was to make something cool by writing our own shaders. I decided to overhaul the visuals of a game I had made previously.


beauty shot 1

beauty shot 2

beauty shot 3


Spherical Snake is a game I have been working on for the past few months in my spare time. It is a variant of the classic computer game “Snake” played on a spherical world. I hope to release it as a mobile game eventually. Until recently, however, the visuals left much to be desired.


Source Code

I am making the game in the Unity engine. I used Amplify Shader Editor to create the shaders.

I made all of the 3D models myself except for the bottle and barrel which are by Ajay Karat, and the rocks which are by John Gillessen.

The source code (current as of 13/11/2019) is available to download here.