Daniel Shervheim

Virtual MISLS

A virtual reality tour of the Military Intelligence Service Language School (MISLS) at Fort Snelling, Minnesota.

During World War II, the MISLS trained soldiers in the Japanese language to aid the war effort. Since then, many of buildings have fallen into disrepair. We at AISOS created this virtual reality tour to enable people to immerse themselves in a part of history that is often under-represented at Fort Snelling.

I worked on the following aspects:

  • Cleaning and UV unwrapping the photogrammetry meshes in Blender.
  • Assembling the scene, images, text, and audio in Unity.
  • Programming the movement, map, and audio systems in Unity.
  • Optimizing to run smoothly across a variety of devices.

Try it Yourself



The entrance to the virtual exhibit.


Two floors of the building were scanned and reconstructed digitally.


The main hall showcases the stories of those who lived and studied at the school.